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Breast Augmentation - Incisions

Breast augmentation is becoming very popular now. Silicone gel implant has replaced the old saline implant. The silicone is more of a thick gel rather than a liquid. The two main makers of this kind of implants are Allergan and Mentor.

Transaxillary incision: The breast extends as high as the collarbone, as far in the middle of the chest area as the breastbone, and as far toward to outside of the chest area as the armpit. When lying down, the armpit is immediately below the breast. The incision is made through the folds of armpit, and then the implant is slide into the breast pocket.

Inframammary incision: An inframammary incision is an incision of the crease between breast and chest where they come together. This crease is called the inframammary fold. When the incision is made here, the scar is also invisible.

Where are the possible incisions?

Aside from trying to create the most natural looking and feeling breast implant. Our surgeons are always trying to find ways to minimize or hide surgical scars. There are several methods our surgeon uses to insert the implant, and our doctor will discuss with you what the recommended method is depending on personal need and requirements.

Areola incision: To perform the periareolar incision, the plastic surgeon makes an incision at the edge of the areola. The place of the incision is in the transition area between the dark areola and surrounding breast skin where it can be hidden.

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