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Face Lift, Neck & Brow Lift

Your skin loses its elasticity over the years. The effects of ageing, too much exposure to the sun, weight loss and smoking can leave your face showing deep creases, cause your jawline to slacken and your neck area to become wrinkled. A face lift can help rejuvenate the lower face, giving it a fresher, healthier appearance. For the best results, this face and neck treatment can be performed at the same time as an eyebag removal and perhaps also a brow lift, if appropriate. Patients report that they feel - and are told they look - years younger after this treatment.

what is face lift procedure involves

A face lift is performed under a general anaesthetic by our highly experienced medical team. Incisions are made in the existing skin creases and hair-bearing regions surrounding the ear. During this procedure, the surgeon aims to retract and advance the skin and its underlying tissues to create a smoother, more defined contour for your neck and jawline. You will find that this gets rid of loose skin and problem lines and wrinkles, with the overall effect of giving the face and neck area a much softer, refreshed and younger look.

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