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Rhinoplasty - Alar Base Reduction

Rhinoplasty is becoming very popular, and Alar base reduction is one of the things that can help you look much better. This surgery is performed to narrow the skin portion of the nasal base. From the base view, the triangular nasal shape is made up of several anatomic components: anterior nasal spine, caudal septum, the 2 lower lateral cartilages and the skin of the nostrils.

If the nostrils are too wide then they can be reduced. There are 2 sections of the nostrils that our surgeon will need to evaluate and possibly reduce. The alar side wall, and the alar sil. One or both of these segments may need to be operated on. If you have other parts of the nose to be fixed, such as bridge work, tip work, Alar base reduction is usually the last step of rhinoplasty. After everything else is done, the surgeon examines and evaluate again to make sure if the alar still look too wide. If they still look too wide then very careful and precise alar base reduction should be performed meticulously. Complete symmetry is impossible to guarantee but the measurement and reduction of the two sides should be as symmetric as possible.

In some cases, alar reduction is all that is needed to create a nice and balanced nose if the other parts are just fine. While, in some other cases, alar base reduction can be used to correct asymmetric nostrils.

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