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Tummy Tuck Complications

As with all medical procedures, there are complications associated with tummy tuck that patients should be aware of prior to seeking this cosmetic procedure. Complications associated with tummy tuck are reduced when pre and post operative instructions are followed by the patient. Most patients are fully satisfied with the results of the procedure.

The risk of complications tummy tuck surgery poses to patients is relatively small. Some complications tummy tuck surgery poses are related to the surgical process, while others are related to the healing process. Overall, less than two or five percent of all patients will experience complications tummy tuck surgery poses, and this number is even less when the procedure is performed by a well qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

In some cases complications tummy tuck surgery poses relate to the expectations that a patient has about the results of the procedure. It is important for a patient to speak to their surgeon about what they expect from the surgery in order to form realistic expectations about the surgery. In order to reduce the risks of complications, patients should also speak to their doctor about their full medical history, including current medication and supplement use. Patients who smoke or drink frequently should also discuss these issues with their surgeon as these factors can increase the risk of complications tummy tuck surgery poses.

As with all surgical procedures, there are potential complications tummy tuck surgery creates for patients during the procedure itself. Tummy tuck surgery is a major operation which can last anywhere from one to six hours. Tummy tuck surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia, though some surgeons use a local anesthetic with a sedative. The longer and more complicated a tummy tuck procedure, the greater the risk for surgical complications. Complications tummy tuck surgery poses include: poor reaction to anesthesia, blood clots in the legs or lungs, respiratory or heart complications. While possible, these complications from tummy tuck surgery are rare.

There are a number of possible complications tummy tuck surgery can create for patients during the healing process. Most patients will experience tenderness pain, swelling, and some bruising for one to three weeks following surgery, though these symptoms can be more extreme for some patients. Excessive bleeding, seroma, fat or umbilical necrosis, infection, slow healing, numbness, reaction to surgical sutures, thick scar formation, and skin loss are all possible complications tummy tuck surgery poses during the healing process.

In order to mitigate these risks, it is important to adhere to all post-surgical care instructions provided by our cosmetic surgeon. Many of the complications tummy tuck surgery poses are manageable and can be medically treated, though some may be permanent. A good cosmetic surgeon will take every step to avoid complications tummy tuck surgery presents to patient health.

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