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Hair Transplant surgery
Hair Transplant surgery
Hair Transplant surgery
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Shanghai Hair Transplant Center

Hair Transplant

Welcome to the Shanghai Hair Transplant Centre website! We invite you to learn about the newest techniques in hair transplant procedures being performed by our hair transplant specialists, we are one of the country's recognized experts in hair restoration, and one of fewer than 30 surgeons worldwide to be accepted into the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. We specialize in the technique of follicular unit grafting for both men and women, and have special expertise for the repair and correction of prior transplants. Furthermore, our unique area of expertise among hair replacement physicians as facial plastic surgeons provides us with invaluable aesthetic expertise. We have successfully handled hundreds of cases of hair transplant at our centre. Come inside, and see why patients from throughout the world come to us to have their hair replacement procedures performed.

The doctors and centre office staff are available to answer all your questions, and to make your hair restoration experience a comfortable and safe one. While nothing can take the place of a face to face consultation, the information contained within this site can help answer many of your questions.

East Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

East Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Charm Rose Beauty Hospital
1138 Chang An Rd (near West Tian Mu Road)
Zha Bei District, Shanghai


Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
Please email or call for an appointment

Clinic Office Number:(86)21 6269 1631
Urgent Call Number: 177 2107 1297


Nothing can take the place of a face to face consultation with the doctor. However, in cases of patients traveling from far away, it is not uncommon to perform the initial photo consultations electronically by emailing photographs of them selves. There is no charge for these consultations.

Anesthesia Choices
Most hair transplant procedures are performed with the patient receiving a mild sedative such as Valium in addition to the local anesthesia. For some patients who desire a deeper level of anesthesia, twilight intravenous anesthesia can be provided. The type of anesthesia will be decided upon in consultation.

Business Hours
According to our university hospital business hours, the hair transplantcenter is open from 9.30am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Visits are by appointment only. Call the office or email us to schedule an appointment.
Call: (86)21 5876 4134

If you have any questions about the Shanghai Center for Hair Transplant, or about hair trans-plants, follicular unit grafts, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Shanghai Center for Hair Transplant,
Bestway International Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
120 Fenyang Road, Xuhui district , Shanghai, China.
: (86)21 5876 4134

Hair Transplant
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Follicular Unit Micrografting
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