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Hair Transplant surgery
Hair Transplant surgery
Hair Transplant surgery
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Price Information

We provide a free email consultations while a face to face consultation would be pay 300RMB. Cost of surgery varies depending on number of grafts.

Free email consultation

Send pictures taken from front, top and back of head to our center to get a free email consultation is easy. Contact us

Cost of surgery

hair transplantPrice varies from physician to physician and geographical area to area. While prices do vary greatly, this is not a situation where a patient should go bargain hunting. As in other situations (in general) you get what you pay for. That is not to say the most expensive price hair transplant will be the best. One needs to do a lot of research to find a physician whose philosophy matches his or hers. Use the internet to do your research. Don’t be limited to physicians in your geographical area. Hair transplantation is a specific specialty practiced exclusively by few physicians so it may be necessary to travel if an experienced expert is not in your area. Some physicians charge by the grafts, some charge by the session. It is more common to charge per graft as a more exact number can be given, proportional to the number of hairs moved. Charging by the session is more of a time charge and not based as much on the number of grafts moved.

Cost of surgeryThe cost of a hair transplant varies greatly from city to city throughout the world. Prices range from as little as $3.00 to as high as $8.00 with the standard being around $5 to $6 per follicular unit graft. If and when you speak to a hair restoration specialist, be sure to ask about additional fees including anesthetics, surgical facility costs and follow-up care as they may not be included in the procedure fee.

Here are our center typical fee ranges for different procedures:

  • Hair micrografting (follicular unit transplantation)- $3.50 to $5 per graft
  • Eyebrow restoration- $2500 to $4000
  • Reparative hair transplant procedures, including graft removal, further grafting, and punch graft reductions- fee varies
  • Donor site scar repair- $1000 to $2500
  • Scalp flap repair- fee varies
  • Hairline advancement with hair grafts- $2500 to $5000
  • Facial hair transplants to the beard and goatee- $3000 to $4500
  • Chest hair transplants- $3500 to $9000
  • Combination hairline advancement and browlift- $4000 to $5500, plus operating room and anesthesia fees as applicable

Deposit and cancelation policy

At the time of making an appointment a deposit of 1000 USD or 20 percent (whichever is higher) is required. Deposit is non-refundable. Appointments can be changed 2 weeks prior to surgery. Deposit will be transferred to next appointment.

If you have any questions about the Shanghai Center for Hair Transplant, or about hair trans-plants, follicular unit grafts, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Hair Transplant
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Follicular Unit Micrografting
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