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Hair Loss and Transplat

There is nothing new about the problem of hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to a number of reasons. The reasons can be physiological, psychological, genetic or a combination of all these.

Common baldness, male-pattern hair loss, genetic hair loss and androgenetic alopecia are terms that are used to describe the same thing – the hair loss typically seen in men, where hair is lost in the front, top, and crown of the scalp, but maintained on the back and sides. Female-pattern hair loss refers to the most common presentation seen in women and tends to be diffuse (thin all over).

The diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia in men is generally straightforward. It is made by observing a “patterned” distribution of hair loss (i.e. hair loss that affects the front, top and crown) and by noting the presence of miniaturized hair in the areas of thinning. Miniaturization, the progressive decrease in hair shaft diameter and length, can be identified using an instrument called a densitometer and is seen only in genetic balding. The diagnosis of male pattern hair loss is supported by the progression of the hair loss according to a recognizable pattern and by a history of baldness in the family, although a family history is not always present.

In women, the diagnosis is more complex, as the most common presentation, a diffuse pattern, can have a variety of non-androgenetic causes including pregnancy, gynecologic problems, birth control pills, and thyroid disease. Because underlying medical conditions can produce hair loss that can closely mimic the diffuse pattern seen in genetic hair loss, a careful diagnostic evaluation is particularly important.

People have been in search of prescriptions for hair loss restoration since the dawn of civilization. The very first known hair loss restoration formula was written in the Elbers Papyrus of ancient Egypt!

Surgical hair transplant is comparatively a new treatment approach. The procedures of  hair transplat is the most effective method for of hair restoration, which is a curious mix of science and art. Surgical hair restoration is of immense significance to mankind not only because of its cosmetic and aesthetic values, but also due to the positive outcomes that hair transplant has on the general and psychological well-being of the person.

Apart from the treatment of male and female pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia), surgical hair restoration has great potential for hair loss restoration in facial and scalp reconstruction cases. It is of great help in hair transplant repair (photo) in situations where the patient has previously undergone a bad hair transplant.

  • surgical hair transplant can help regain hair lost as a result of post-surgical scarring ( procedures involving incisions on hair-bearing facial skin or scalp).

  • surgical hair transplant can correct unfavorable results from previous hair transplantations, such as the “plug look” caused by the old hair plug transplantation technique, and can be used to camouflage scars from flap procedures or scalp reductions.

  • surgical hair transplant can help restore scalp and facial hair lost as result of burns or traumatic injuries.

  • surgical hair transplant is helpful in cases where hair loss is attributable to congenital causes, such as complete bilateral cleft lips (no mustache hair in the pro-labium) and triangular alopecia, or to remove congenital nevi or arteriovenous malformations.

  • to restore hair lost after oncologic resections (resection of melanoma and other skin malignancies) surgical hair restoration is effective.

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