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Fat Transfer

Body fat transfers can be appealing for many body areas in several ways. Patients with small localized areas that require treatment may be served well with a shapely, even appearance through a body fat transfer. Without question, body fat transfers are non-allergenic, ensuring no risk of rejection. The goal of a body fat transfer is to create volume by filling in an uneven or saggy area.

Patients considering body fat transfers should realize that three to four fat transfer procedures may be necessary in order to maintain an ideal result. They must also understand that fat transfers are unpredictable. This is because up to 40 percent of the fat may be absorbed after treatment. On the upside, the remaining fat can last forever. Doctors work closely with patients until the final re-absorption occurs to determine the next step for a fully satisfactory outcome. However, body fat transfers will not lend a muscular appearance. Nor are body fat transfers suitable for the treatment of a large area.

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