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Restylane – A Brief Guide

Restylane is a cosmetic filler made up of stabilized hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is produced by the body promoting skin volume and fullness. Restylane is widely used in the cosmetic industry to correct facial wrinkles and blemishes.
Restylane products
Restylane can be used in various areas of the body and there is a specific Restylane product for each as we shall now see:
The basic Restylane product has an average gel particle size and is used on moderate wrinkles and lip augmentation.
Restylane Perlane has larger gel particle size and is used for deep wrinkles and occasionally lip enhancement.
Restylane SubQ has the largest gel particle size and is used to replace fat loss in the face. The procedure requires a larger needle and deep injections through the skin layers.
Restylane Touch has the smallest gel particle size in the range and is used for the correction of very thin superficial lines. It is injected into the upper part of the dermis.
Restylane Lipp is designed specially for lip enhancement and augmentation.
Risks and side effects
Restylane risks & complications are rare and fairly minor compared to most other cosmetic treatments. There is a small risk of allergic reaction to the filler or bruising of the treated area. Bleeding, tenderness and some degree of temporary pain may also occur.

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