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Botox and Teeth Grinding

Botox can be injected around the temple and jaw area to provide relief from the symptoms of teeth grinding. It can alleviate jaw pain, jaw soreness and headaches. Another effect is that it often softens the appearance of the jaw line.

Many people grind their teeth at night when they are asleep, though some may be unaware of doing so. It’s the degree that matters. Some grind slightly and experience no negative consequences. Others however experience much more serious consequences such as dental problems, jaw and facial pain and headaches.

Chronic grinding will often lead to a hypertrophied masseter muscle – that is the main muscle used for chewing and it’s located along the jaw. Grinding builds this muscle and makes it stronger, in the same way that lifting weights does for your biceps. The stronger the muscle is the more damage that is caused to the teeth by clenching. Headaches and facial pain also tend to get worse over time.

The results from Botox in the treatment of bruxism start within a few days and last for 3-6 months. Change to the appearance of the jaw line takes 2-3 sessions as the masseter muscle shrinks and weakens over time.

Botox is a well known treatment for anti-aging, due to it’s wrinkle reducing effects, but it is also used in other ways to treat medical problems. One of these problems is known as nocturnal bruxism or night time teeth grinding.

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