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Double Eyelid Surgery - Types of Incisions

Double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty is performed to reshape the skin around the eyes to create an upper eyelid with a crease when no natural crease exists. To achieve this, the surgery can be performed using one of three methods; full incision, partial incision and non-incision.

The full incision technique involves making a long incision which extends across the entire eyelid. The full incision technique is good for patients who have excess skin or fat around the upper eyelid and those who are looking to achieve a large fold. The stitches will be removed around seven days after the surgery and you can expect to recover from bruising and swelling by approximately two weeks. Over time, the scar will become more invisible.

For the partial incision technique, small incisions are made in sections along the eyelid to remove small amounts of fat and muscle to create the crease or double eyelid. This method can reduce scarring and has a slightly quicker recovery time compared with the full incision.

In the non-incision procedure, a crease is formed by pinching some of the deep soft tissue under the eyelid. This method has a much faster recovery rate compared to the other more traditional methods and less risk of scarring. To be suitable for the non-incision method, candidates must have thin skin, have only small amounts of fat around the upper eyelid, do not have low or heavy brows, have not had eyelid surgery before and do not suffer from eyelid problems like ptosis or retraction.

There are advantages and disadvantages with all of the techniques and as with all surgery, double eyelid surgery has some risks so you should discuss this procedure and the technique used with a qualified surgeon.

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