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A Youthful Look for All

Kate Middleton has been in the news a lot for her youthful glowing skin and much sought after “scouse brow.” Because of the attention that her face is getting, many believe this is the cause for England’s gigantic 17% increase in brow lifts last year. More and more a youthful look is one to be feverishly desired and that brow lifts are a great way to achieve it.

The Ins and Outs of Brow Lifts
Also known as a forehead lift, a brow lift can have many benefits. A few of the things that this procedure is able to do include:
    • Raising the eyebrows, giving you a more alert and youthful appearance
    • Minimizing creases and wrinkles that develop across the forehead and nose
    • Improving “frown lines,” one of the most obvious “tells” of an aged face
    • Repositioning a low or sagging brow, sometimes necessary for patients who aren’t suffering from aging but simply bad genetics.
There are many, many pros to a forehead lift, including those listed above. If you are interested in what a brow lift procedure can do for you, your best bet is always to contact a board certified plastic surgeon and ask as many questions necessary for you to make an educated decision. Whether your distress is coming from the sudden effects of aging or just a bad forehead to begin with, a cosmetic surgeon will be able to help.
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