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Face Products

Auriderm XO Cream
Bruises (Vitamin K Oxide–30ml)
To be applied after a surgical operation or cosmetic procedure. This is an excellent preventative after dermal filler or botox injections.

Auriderm Cernor XO Cream
Dark Circles (Vitamin K Oxide–10ml)
This vitamin K oxide cream helps to remove the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.

Auriderm Chiroxy Cream
Pre Operative Oxygen Cream – 50mlbr /> Increases oxygen to the skin which improves healing and recovery time. To be applied both pre and post operatively.

Auriderm Flavo-C Serum
L-vitamin C Serum – 15ml
The unique L –vitamin C present in this serum is useful for fine lines and wrinkles. This is an excellent anti–ageing preventative.

Auriderm Flavonex Cream
Skin Tightening Cream– 50ml
This skin tightening cream is particularly recommended post laser skin tightening treatments.

Auriderm Melaclear Serum
Melasma, Anti-pigmentation serum – 15mll
Useful for the elimination of brown blemishes, melasma (chloasma) and lentigo (age spots). Can be applied to the face, back of the hands and cleavage.

Auriderm Micro-Emulsion
Post Botox & Dermal Filler Injections – 15ml
Prolongs the effects of botox and dermal filler injections. Can be combined with Flavo –C Serum.

Scar Repair

ScarEase Gel
Aids the healing process and reduce the occurrence of keloid scars. (15g)

Neye Medical Scar Sheet
Aids the scar healing process. Reusable silicon strips which can be easily cut to size. Available in (12cm x 6cm) and (12cm x 15cm)

Hair Loss Products

Minoxidil Topical Solution
This helps to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. To be applied daily. 6 bottles = 1 box For Men (5%) For Women (2%)

Hair Building Fibers (10.3g)
Toppik instantly builds your hair with natural keratin protein fibres. You will see a fuller head of hair in seconds. Available in variety of colours.

Nizoral Shampoo
Medicated Anti-dandruff Shampoo (60ml)
Is a dermatologically tested anti-dandruff shampoo. To treat the underlying cause of dandruff and restore your scalp back to it’s normal healthy state.

Rogaine Shampoo
Made by the experts in fine or thin hair. This volumizing shampoo is specially recommended post hair transplant surgery (360ml)

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