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Plastic Surgery Market in China

The plastic surgery market n china is growing rapidly. In just two decades, cosmetic and plastic surgery has become the fourth most popular way to spend income in China.

No official figures exist, but the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimated in 2009 that China ranked third, behind the United States and Brazil, with more than two million operations annually. And the number of operations is doubling every year. Now, the prediction becomes true. China is the third cosmetic and plastic surgery market around the world. It is a very common service in China.

Double eyelid surgery, nose surgery, Face-lifts and wrinkle-removal treatments are the most performed surgeries in China. The No. 1 operation is double eyelid surgery, which can make someone’s eyes bigger by adding on crease. The second most popular operation is nose surgery. Usually Chinese person’s face is flat compared to Europeans. By putting a implant, it make the nose more prominent.

While more and more physicians want to become a plastic surgeon, it is very important for your to choose a surgeon with good credentials and clinical experience.

Cosmetic surgery is a $2.5 billion a year industry in China, and it is growing at a pace of 20 percent a year according to the official Xinhua News Agency. Cosmetic surgery clinics with names like Dreaming Girl's Fantasy are popping up all over the place. By one count over 10,000 medical facilities offer cosmetic surgery.

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