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Hair Transplant for Hair Loss

Are you trying to make a decision about whether to have a Hair Transplant done to stop the bald-looking of your head? If you are at the point where you are concerned about hair loss, then you are ready to take the next step. There are several alternatives to deal with your hair loss problem. For one, you could do nothing at all. Secondly, you could use something to help maintain your existing hair such as medicines, herbal remedies and hair care products. Lastly, you could wear a wig or hair piece. However, those are not permanent solution to your hair loss problems. Multiple follicular unit transplants give the patients the most natural looking hair and density. So what the hair surgery revolution means for you and your hair is that you can not only get back your hair, but you can get natural looking and feeling hair with density that makes your hair surgery undetectable. There is a tiny linear scar from this procedure, but it is well hidden beneath your hair and doesn’t leave hundreds of tiny scars like the FUE procedure. A multiple follicular unit transplant will transplant from the donor site or “safe zone” and will leave the hair follicles as they naturally lie. This way when they are transplanted to the front they are still growing in their natural direction and this makes the look natural.

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