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Hair transplant

A hair transplant is a safe, minor surgical procedure that involves removing donor hair from the back or sides of the scalp (donor area) and placing them into the bald or thinning areas of the scalp (recipient area). The rationale of hair transplant surgery stems from the permanency of some hair. Some hair on the scalp has a short life span; while others have a long life spam. Permanent hair could be taken to other part of the body, and it will continue to grow and behave as if it were still in its original site.

Hair replacement surgery can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence. Hair replacement candidates must have healthy hair growth at the back and sides of the head to serve as donor areas.

The most popular and widely used technique used for hair transplant is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). It is a procedure where hair is transplanted from the back and sides of the scalp where hair usually has long life span to the bald or balding areas of the scalp. After the patient’s scalp is numbed, the doctor cut a strip of tissue from the donor area depending on how many follicular units you need for the implanted area. As these follicular unit grafts are being prepared, the doctor makes tiny holes in the scalp using the best imported tools (recipient sites), and once the follicular units are ready, they will be implanted to those holes.

The main advance of FUT is that it preserves the follicular units and enables the doctor to keep the integrity of hair follicles, so that the survival rate is very high, and the result will be natural..

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