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Hair loss and hair transplant

Hair loss, also know as alopecia can affect your physically and psychologically. Hair loss can be due to heredity, certain medications, stress, or other medical condition.

When you are bald, it means you have too much hair loss from your scalp. In most of the cases, people cover up the bald area with long hair from other part, cover with makeup or hats. Some of them will choose to take some medications, use topical lotion or Hair tranplant to improve this hair loss problem.

Hair loss has different stages. It starts with gradual thining on top of head or forehead. Then some areas may have circular or patchy looking. When you are under physical or emotional stress, you may experience sudden handful hair loss. Eventually, the bald area will become bigger and bigger.

The type of treatment depends on the cause of the hair loss and the severity of hair loss. For some types of hair loss, hair may resume growth without any treatment. In some situations topical medications will help the problem. However, if you already have bald areas, you might consider to have hair transplant surgery.

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