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Hair Transplant - General Information

Hair Transplant

Getting tired of being bald? Sure, there is solution to this: Hair transplant. Hair transplant result will be permanent.

This procedure uses your own hair so that your body will not reject the transplanted hair, and the transplanted area will look very natural. The donor site is the place where the doctor will harvest the hair follicles and transfer them to the desired area. Usually, the doctor harvest a 1cm to 1.5cm width strip of skin from the back of your head, in an area of good hair growth. The follicles will then be prepared for transplant. This hair transplant operation usually takes about five to six hours depending on the size of your bald spots.

Before the surgery, our surgeon will carry out a consultation with you, and answer all your questions and concerns for this procedure. The cost is based on the area and the amount of grafts that will be transplanted into your bald area. You will see the result in six to nine month after surgery. The price does include the surgery, anesthesia, surgeon, and hair transplant team fees and follow-up for six months.

In our clinic, we will provide you with the world-class surgeons, and other medical staff. You are very welcomed to make appointment for a consultation or a visit.

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