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53 Minerals that Could Erase Time

Do you have enlarged pores?

Do you have dull and tired skin?

Is this summer's heat dehydrating your skin?

Many clients are requesting a skin boost solution and here it is!

We are introducing FILORGA to help rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

Ageing, stress and exposure to sunlight all render our biological functions more fragile, making the skin vulnerable to the marks of passing time. The components of the skin can no longer regenerate themselves so effectively; the skin starts to thin and lose its elasticity, and lines gradually become more apparent.

Over time, facial expressions also change. The face starts to look more haggard, sadder and tired. Many people feel that their face no longer reflects their personality.

FILORGA's hyaluronic acid injections offer a solution to these unwelcome changes. They restore your facial expression, leaving the lines that define your personality and effacing the rest.


FILORGA's hyaluronic acid is produced using biotechnology. It is purified in several stages, to ensure optimum quality. The main ingredients contain 12 kinds of vitamins, 6 kinds of minerals, 5 kinds of nucleic acid, 23 kinds of amino acids and 6 kinds of coenzyme, an antioxident.


FILORGA uses soft, transparent gel products that are easily absorbed into skin depressions. When injected gently, directly into the area concerned, its products efface lines and restructure facial volumes.


FILORGA's products are gradually reabsorbed into the body, enabling the results to be reversed when you want to change your look. FILORGA treats wrinkles by activating cell repair, moisturizes and hydrates, promotes blood circulation, promotes cell regeneration, shrinks pores and increases skin collagen and elasticity.

FILORGA's injection treatments are administered in a medical surgery clinic by a doctor with specialist training in filling techniques. Consultations generally begin with a personal diagnosis to enable the doctor and patient to discuss and define the treatment required.

Are you thinking your skin needs a little pick-me-up?

PM us on at our Clinic Wechat, East Beauty, scan QR code below or add us directly at ID: 13501976767.

Book your appointment with us today!

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