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Brazilian Butt Lift (aka BBL)

Cosmetic enhancements of every kind have become the norm among patients who are looking to improve their physical appearance and their self-esteem. Some procedures have been particularly popular in recent years and show no sign of slowing. The 'Brazilian Butt Lift' is one such procedure which is performed to create lift and volume to a flat, sagging posterior.

The most common candidates for Brazilian Butt Lifts are those who struggle with sagging, flat buttocks or who have perhaps lost a significant amount of weight, which has contributed to a lack of shape in their posterior. Using the patient's own natural fat, a trained surgeon carefully removes these fatty deposits from one area and injects them into the buttocks to create a new shape. Since the patient's own fat is used in the Brazilian Butt Lift, the body is much more likely to accept the new shape. Whereas, the artificial fillers (which are a foreign material) pose a significant risk. Natural fat injections also lead to a much more natural look and feel, while butt implants may eventually shift within the body or feel less natural to the touch.

How Well Do Brazilian Butt Lifts Work?

Brazilian Butt Lifts, when performed using carefully processed and purified fat taken from elsewhere in the patient's body, should yield long lasting results. Of course, the experience of the surgeon performing the procedure will have a great impact on the outcome. Therefore, it is important that patients choose a surgeon who is well trained and experienced at performing this procedure.

Recovery Time, and Cost

Recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift will vary from patient to patient, but it's important that each patient abstain from sitting directly on their buttocks for three weeks after their procedure. A compression garment should also be worn for a period of time determined by your doctor. The new fat graft within the buttocks requires time to harvest and for the body to adjust. The compression garment will help control swelling. Patients can expect to resume their normal day-to-day activities around 3 weeks following their procedure.
Of course, each patient should schedule the appropriate follow-up appointments with their doctor for individual recommendations for recovery and care. 
The cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift will vary as well, depending on the surgeon. In scheduling an initial consultation with the surgeon you are considering, you can get an accurate estimate for the total cost of the procedure.

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