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Sclerotherapy: Treatment for Leg Veins

For women, spider and varicose veins are very common - and appear as we age. If your mother had them, chances are, one day you’ll have them too. When that day comes, try Sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy is one of the best treatments for spider and varicose veins. Usually spider and varicose veins appear first appear in the early 30s. It is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Sclerotherapy involves a cosmetic doctor injecting a sclerosant solution into problem veins, which dries up all the tiny cells lining the blood vessel, causing the targeted vein to collapse. Your body then absorbs the vein naturally over a period of weeks, thus its disappearance on your legs.

Sclerotherapy for leg veins is….well, it doesn’t feel good. The doctor will warn you that there will be a burning sensation as the solution is injected into the veins. For the first visit to the cosmetic surgeon’s office, usually an exam will take place, followed by a blood test to confirm that there are no underlying health problems causing the veins to appear.

On the second visit, this is when the treatment begins. Since a cosmetic doctor can only administer a certain amount of the solution at one time, you have to pick your target areas wisely. After confirming the targeted veins, the solution will be injected. During injection, there will be some pain followed by a “burning” sensation. Usually, the burning will only last about 20 seconds.

After Care:

After injection, it is important to wear a tight pair of pants or compression hose underneath a looser pair of pants. You will need to wear the compression hose for 24 hours after treatment to help compress the collapsed veins and ensure best results.

It is important not to do sports or work out for 7-10 days and be sure not to undergo treatment when you are tan or getting sun. This will lead to scarring.

Smaller veins can easily be taken care of in one treatment. However, many times larger veins need to be treated more than once for best results.

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