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Keep Your Chin Up With Chin Implants

A weak chin may alter your facial appearance. It can also make your perfectly sized nose appear too large, or make your neck look "fleshy." Chin augmentation with implants — also called mentoplasty — may help.

Chin implants can correct a weak chin, strengthen the appearance of a receding chin or improve the overall appearance of your face and profile by restoring balance.

The implant itself comes in various shapes and sizes. It can be used to fashion a chin that is stronger or wider, and can even make your face appear longer. The chin implant is placed over the existing bone structure of your lower jaw to increase its dimensions and produce your desired result.

You’ll probably start taking pain medication (and antibiotics) right away. You will find it is important to take your pain meds on a regular schedule rather than waiting for the pain to become severe. The pills are more effective when you don’t wait for the pain to get out of control. Pain is typically worst during the first few days. After that, it should get a little better each day. Be patient; you may still be somewhat sore weeks or even months after the operation. You may also feel quite tired. That’s because your body is using a great deal of energy to heal itself. Get plenty of rest, stay well hydrated and eat nutritious food to aid this process. Since pain meds can cause constipation, you will want to eat plenty of fiber (and maybe some prunes) to keep your bowel movements soft.

Are You a Candidate for Chin Implants?

Chin implants can benefit men and women alike; however, not all men and women are candidates for this plastic surgery procedure.

For chin implant surgery to be successful, your jaw and teeth must function properly. If your chin is mildly weak and your jaw and teeth are functioning well, chin implants may be an ideal way to achieve the look you want.

Preparation for the Chin Augmentation Procedure

You should be well-rested before undergoing chin implant surgery. Focus, too, on eating well and drinking plenty of water in the days or weeks before your surgery.

Depending on the kind of anesthesia you will have — twilight or intravenous — your surgeon may have specific instructions about what not to eat or drink immediately before surgery. You may need someone to drive you home after the procedure. Ask ahead so you can make the appropriate arrangements.

If you are on medication — either over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription — be sure to ask if you should continue taking them or stop before surgery. If you take any herbal supplements, ask about those, too.

The Procedure

Your surgeon will choose the right implant shape and size to best fit your anatomy and meet your cosmetic goals. The implants are made of a soft, rubbery, flexible material that can be inserted through a small incision. Chin implants may be composed of solid silicone or other materials that don't cause adverse reactions within your body.

As an alternative to chin implants, some plastic surgeons may suggest a procedure called sliding genioplasty, or "chin advancement." This procedure involves cutting the chin bone horizontally and rotating it to make your chin straighter. Sliding genioplasty can also make your chin longer or shorten it vertically.

If your implants are made of solid silicone, your surgeon may make a small incision under your chin. If the chin implantation procedure is performed at the same time as a face lift, your surgeon will generally use the same below-the-chin incision for both procedures. The incision for a sliding genioplasty is made within the lip.

The chin implant is then inserted and secured in place. This can be done by slipping the implant into a well-fitting pocket and possibly attaching it to bone or soft tissue. Most surgeons just use a pocket, while some prefer using screws to attach the implant to bone or soft tissue.

The chin implant procedure is finalized with sutured closure of the incision. In all, the surgery takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The procedure will take longer if additional procedures are being performed simultaneously.

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