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Will Breast Augmentation affect milk production?

There are currently two main methods of breast augmentation, prosthetic augmentation and fat transplantation. Prosthetic Breast Augmentation is currently the most commonly used method of breast augmentation. Prosthetic breasts also have high clinical success because of its wide applicability.

Fat Transplantation augmentation has arisen though the development of fat transplantation technique. As the technique developed and improved, this method has gained more and more attention.

So, what kind of operation do you chose? Which one would be more suitable to your needs?
Autologous fat transplantation used for breast augmentation will have a sufficient source of fat for transplant and also eliminate annoying fat from other places of the body is ideal.

The materials used for the prosthetic breast implants is a very safe, silica gel material most commonly used in the plastic industry, the clinical data also shows that it is a strong material, anti-pressure, and anti-tear. Also tests show that even if the implant bursts, the material does not spread.

The two most used shapes are Rounded and Teardrop. The rounded shape can give a younger look, creating a beautiful and youthful cleavage. The Teardrop shape will be the future for prosthetic implants, creating the most natural up-down asymmetry. The Fat Transplantation can give not only a natural look but also the most natural feeling and softness.

The breast augmentation procedures will not damage the breast tissues and therefore will not have any negative effect on the glands. The breast tissue is complete, the breast duct is smooth. Either way, none of the breast augmentation procedures will effect lactation or breast feeding. Consult with your plastic surgeon to determine which type of breast augmentation is right for you!
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