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Liposuction: Recovery

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon,liposuction is considered to be a relatively safe surgical procedure.However, this does not mean it does not come without a brief recovery time. Generally, the recovery will take about 8 – 10 weeks to see a full recovery where all the swelling finally goes down, but most people are able to resume most of their normal activities within a week or less.

After Surgery Stage 1: Observation
30 minutes – 3 hours
After surgery, you will be kept under observation from 30 minutes to 3 hours. If you had local anesthesia, your observation period should be about 30 minutes; general anesthesia means they’ll want to watch you for one to three hours. During this time, the nurses will observe your blood pressure; look for signs of nausea ordizziness.

After Surgery Stage 2: Bed Rest
2 Days Minimum, But With Breaks
Once home, you can expect to be quite low on energy and moderately uncomfortable for a day or two. The tissues that were disturbed during the procedure will become inflamed as part of the body’s healing process. It can take eight to ten weeks for the swelling to go down entirely; but the first two days (at least) should be given entirely over to bed rest to allow the body to go through the most severe swelling.Sitting still for too long can cause blood clots  to develop, so set a timer, and spend a few minutes getting up and moving every two hours.This will also help your swelling go down; an active body drains those pools of stagnant blood and lymph more effectively than a stationary one.

After Surgery Stage 3: End Result
After 3-6 months
The end result of the surgery can be seen after three to six months. With most patients liposuction leads to great results after complete healing with undoubtedly improved figure. Surgery results also depend on external factors,as e.g. general state of health, skin quality, age, weight and hormone production. Liposuction can eliminate skin damages, stretch marks and cellulite.

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