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Considering Plastic Surgery?

If you browse the internet you will come across a myriad of horror stories of surgeries gone wrong. If you are considering plastic or cosmetic surgery, minimize the risk and do your homework first.

Find the right surgeon
Meet with the surgeon, what are their credentials? Have they done this kind of surgery before? Do you feel comfortable with the surgeon? Have they answered all of your questions? Do you communicate well with each other?

Have realistic expectations
Every body is different and so every cosmetic procedure is different. Similarly no one is truly symmetrical. Ask the surgeon whether you are a good candidate for surgery then make sure you set realistic and achievable goals. Does your surgery involve implants? Ask for they types of implants available and their costs.

Are you aware of the risks and complications?
Bleeding, infection and scarring are complications that can arise during and after surgery. Does your surgeon take the necessary precautions to minimize these risks? What happens if these risks do occur? Are you liable to pay?

What are the true costs?
Marketing tactics can often draw you in to the perceived cheap deal but is this the true cost? If you get an unbelievable price, make sure it is not too good to be true. Are there any hidden costs like surgeon’s fees, anaesthetic fees, theatre fees, medication fees, overnight stay fees? Do they offer any post operative care?

Finally, do not rush into a decision. For many people, pursing plastic or cosmetic surgery are doing so for a psychological benefit. Do not be afraid to get opinions from 2 or 3 other doctors. Great plastic surgeons possess not only a high level of skill and expertise, but also a commitment to the comfort level of the patient. A surgeon should take enough time to address all of your questions and concerns and discuss your expectations and go over the risks and benefits with you.

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